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About Hells Kitchen...
Hells Kitchen is a motorsports restaurant located at 32685 Ortega Hwy , Lake Elsinore, California. We opened our doors and tapped our kegs on January 31st 2004. Up in the hills and trees of the Ortegas, Hells is located in Riverside County and outside of Orange County, it's a short ride from San Diego and San Bernardino Counties and not too far from Los Angeles County.

The restaurant features indoor/outdoor dining, a full bar, big screen tv (to watch the races on), a coffin condiment bar, pool tables, starbucks coffee, hellish decor and Americana style food.

Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 10am - 6ish pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6ish pm.

The restaurant is owned and run by a Willow Springs racer.

Where'd the name come from? Hells Kitchen is a borough in New York, famous for it's melting pot of various cultures all in one area. It's known as a rough and tumble part of town. Most importantly, it's now known as the area which experienced the greatest loss of life to their firemen in the 9/11 tragedy which rocked our great country.

It is the vision of Hells Kitchen that if we bring you the ideal hangout, a place we can call our own, we will bring togther our own melting pot of people who share the same love of motorsports.

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